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Geelong Lyric Theatre Society

Geelong, Victoria (Australia)

About Geelong Lyric Theatre Society

The Geelong Lyric Theatre Society (GLTS) is a community based theatre company with a well established reputation for presenting high quality and affordable Musical Theatre. The GLTS has been established for over 40 years. We aim to provide an accessible creative platform for both established and developing creatives and performers in our local region, which includes providing opportunities for first timers and experts alike. Traditionally, we have presented two full scale musical productions each year. We are more recently scaling back on our production output and opening up our options to also incorporate smaller productions in alternate theatre spaces. We will continue to emphasise Community focus and our role in providing opportunities for all.

Upcoming Shows From Geelong Lyric Theatre Society

No upcoming shows

Past Shows

  • May 2021
    Wish Upon a Song
  • Sep 2019
    The Last Five Years

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