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Strathmore Theatrical Arts Group in Strathmore VIC, Melbourne presents Popcorn - by Ben Elton

Opening May 21

About This Production

Performance Dates

  • Thursday May 21

Things To Know

Set in the Beverly Hills home of Oscar winning movie director Bruce Delamitri, Popcorn is a satirical comedy thriller with the firepower of a hit squad. When notorious killers Wayne and Scout interrupt Bruce's passionate introduction to Brooke Daniels, a nude model and actress, they want more than an autograph. Wayne intends to use Bruce's "art" as justification for murder. Events are disrupted by the arrival of Bruce's soon to be ex-wife, his spoiled teenage daughter, and his producer. Wayne means to succeed, whatever the cost.

Auditions For Popcorn - by Ben Elton

About Auditions

Audition Times

  • Tuesday February 25 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday February 26 7:00 PM
  • Sunday March 1 5:00 AM

What To Expect

Auditionees should prepare the short sides supplied for the characters that they wish to audition for to performance level.

You may be asked to read for another character that you had not considered, if so, you will be given adequate time to prepare for this.

Auditions will typically run for no longer than 10 minutes.

The audition form isn't posted yet, so cool your jets! Check back later.

Cast List For Popcorn - by Ben Elton

Important Cast Information

No Cast List Yet

The cast list isn't ready yet, matey. Check back later.