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The Difference Between A Great Theatre Website and A Bad Theatre Website

When was the last time you looked at a theatre company website, or tried to register for a theatre conference? If it's been a while, maybe go try right now. If you find a great experience that enables...
Keep reading Updated 2019 Sep 27

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Can actors export rehearsals to Google Calendar? Can I try Cast98 before I buy it? I already cast my show. Can I just use the scheduling feature? How do I...
Keep reading Updated 2019 Aug 22

Director's Guide to Rehearsals

Cast98 enables directors to move from casting to rehearsal scheduling with no downtime. Where most community theatres choose to send a preliminary schedule shortly after the cast list is publicized,...
Keep reading Updated 2019 May 19

Director's Guide to Casting

This guide is written to help Cast98 show directors make the most of features available to them. Where we pick up is from the Cast & Crew tab on the editing panel for a show. Rehearsal Groups A...
Keep reading Updated 2019 May 18

Director's Guide to Auditions

In this article, I (Daniel) am going to walk you (the show director or stage manager) through everything you need to know about managing your auditions process with Cast98. If you haven't already...
Keep reading Updated 2019 May 17

Director Checklist

Each show cycle is filled with a particular sequence of tasks, so here is a 10-step program that we think is a pretty good model to follow. Especially if you frequently bring in new directors, having...
Keep reading Updated 2019 May 14

Getting Started: Setting Up A Show (For Directors)

Think back to your early days as a performer. What were some of the questions you had when you signed up to audition for your very first show? In this article, we're going to show you how to setup...
Keep reading Updated 2019 May 11

Getting Started: From The Very Beginning (For Performers)

In this article: Create your account Find your show Submit your audition form 1. Create your account Create an account for yourself. By doing so, you'll have the ability to complete your profile...
Keep reading Updated 2019 May 10

Getting Started: From The Very Beginning (For Directors)

In this article: Add yourselfAdd your studioPost your show(s) 1. Add yourself Create an account for yourself. By doing so, you'll have the ability to complete your profile and conflict calendar,...
Keep reading Updated 2019 May 9

How To Navigate The Site (recent changes)

I'm so excited about some of the recent improvements around here in an effort to make the site easier to move around. Here's a summary of the most substantial changes related to navigation, to help...
Keep reading Updated 2018 Nov 4

So You Finished Casting Your Musical... Now What?

We hear more often than expected that directors come to Cast98 with their cast list in hand, having already held auditions and made their difficult casting decisions. So now they are looking to build...
Keep reading Updated 2018 Jul 2

Parents of Theatre Kids - The Struggle Is Real

Parents with children are able to edit their child's profile without logging out. This saved a giant hassle for updating conflict calendars and making sure emergency contact info was all the same,...
Keep reading Updated 2017 Jul 20

New in Version 3: Better Actor Profiles, Editable Audition Forms

Overall [Change] Thumb-friendly menus! (for tablets and smartphones) [Change] Faster page loading, because waiting 6-10 seconds per click was not fun. [Change] Backstage Dashboard is more robust and...
Keep reading Updated 2017 Apr 5

Coming Soon: Theatre Venues, Improved Rehearsal Schedule Design

I (Daniel) can't resist telling you about some of the exciting new features coming to Cast98 in 2017. Not only do I have high hopes to launch an all-new ticketing application that will supplement...
Keep reading Updated 2017 Jan 27

Why Automating Your Audition Process Is Better Than Traditional Auditions

Cast98 exists to lessen the burden of show logistics for busy directors. Any performing arts studio, theatre, or organization can use Cast98 to automate their auditions process. No hidden fees or...
Keep reading Updated 2017 Jan 24

Help Your Director By Revealing Your Conflicts Early

Our single most requested feature since we launched in the summer of 2016 has been "can I say I'm unavailable from 6-8pm, instead of marking the whole day as a conflict?" Our answer until now has...
Keep reading Updated 2016 Nov 29

Ways To Offset The Cost Of Online Theatre Software

Cast98 requires a subscription, and we know that for most small performance companies, local dance studios, community theatres, a budget for such fancy things is usually non-existent. We get it, and...
Keep reading Updated 2016 Jun 16

How It Works: Online Tools For Theatre Directors

Cast98 is a self-service website that community theatre directors can use to make the transition to an all-digital, automated auditions process. And that's just the beginning. At its core, we made...
Keep reading Updated 2016 Jun 15